14 Things Petite Girls Are So Done With Hearing

Thought Catalog

Nashville Nashville

“You are so adorable.”

Like…a child? Listen, we appreciate the sentiment behind this compliment. But it stops being something we like to repeatedly hear after the age of like, 7. Sometimes, a girl just wants to be told she’s sexy. You know, feel like an actual adult. A sexy adult. Nobody wants to be a sexy baby. Unless you have some weird fetish that I don’t want to hear about it.

“You make me feel so tall!”

OH MY DEAREST QUEEN/KING, I AM SO GLAD I COULD BE OF SERVICE!! C’mon, there’s a ton of things I could make you feel, but tall? You’re gonna go with tall?! Please. You can pin that on your own genetics, not me.

“You eat a lot for someone so small.”

It’s this crazy thing where we have to eat to sustain life. LOL, right?!?! Food. I can’t believe we eat food either!…

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